What would our dream job look like?

We challenge ourselves to shape our culture around answering this question. And you know what? It works.

Work / Life

Family First

Nothing trumps family. We want to be at every soccer game. If a loved one needs help, we drop everything and focus on that. We want our jobs to enable family time, not prevent it.

Work Normal Hours

During our business hours we focus super hard on getting our stuff done. Then we go home and get on with our lives. We don't work nights, we don't work weekends. Yet, we're super productive.

Work From Home - A Lot

We want everyone to be able to get at least one full day in their PJs. Everyone at HQ works from home every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and we have 3 full work from home weeks every year.


Politics Suck

We have no interest in cliques, politics or hierarchy. We are a flat organization where everyone has access to everyone else. We reward cooperation and resolve isolation.

No Room for Haters

Life is too short to work with negative people. We want to spend our valuable time with people who enjoy their work and who play nice with others.

Our Philosophy

Work on what makes you proud. We freakin' love startups! The platform we're building to empower Founders is our pride and joy. We know that when we're working on what we are proud of we do our absolute best work.


Everyone Contributes

You won't find any finger-tenting, coffee-cup-wielding middle management “overseeing” productive people. Everyone contributes at every level. Management is a side gig for when real work isn't getting done.

Autonomy is the best manager

We work best when we're given a goal and the autonomy to pursue it on our own terms. If we need lots of “managing” it's a sign that something's broken.

Merit beats resumes

Everyone should grow based on their current contribution - not their past victories. Your last job shouldn't determine your future at this job, whether you were a student or a C-level exec. Everyone gets the chance to grow on their own merit.

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