Idea Validation

Is your new startup idea worth pursuing? Let us take it through our battle-tested process to get insights from experts, customers, and available research to see if it’s worth building.




Learn through comprehensive, guided playbooks how to validate your startup idea, acquire your first customers, secure funding and more.


Expert Advice


Hand-curated advice from startup Founders on every aspect of starting a company.

by Wil Schroter

The more time you spend chasing the "perfect idea" the less time you spend refining the idea until it really is perfect.


by The Startups Team

Before you can build the next great idea, you have to recognize that idea in the first place. Here's how.


by Alex Kistenev

There is no silver bullet, the great idea can reach you everywhere: when you drive, go jogging, or during a brainstorming session. Nobody knows when it will happen next time. Stay focused and keep watching as hunters do.





Comprehensive, guided courses how to validate your idea, acquire your first customers and secure funding

Explore why the decisions you make at the beginning of your startup journey are the key to success down the road.


Expert game designer and entrepreneur Amy Jo Kim reveals the secret to creating products that stick.


Cindy Alvarez explains the surprisingly simple secret to finding out what customers want.




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