The world needs more Founders. The world needs more Startups.

Creators are the future.

The future of work will be in the hands of creators, not managers. Founders don't want to pursue a job - they want to pursue their passion.

Startups will reflect cultural values.

Founders want to build a startup that reflects their own values and ambitions - not the ones handed down by some faceless corporation.

Pursuing passion will replace pursuing money.

We believe that everyone should have the right to pursue their passion and to build a startup that fosters that ambition. We believe a world that is filled with more creators will have profound impacts on society.

Startups will reshape our lives.

The next generation of startups will change the products and services that shape our lives. They will build new work environments that align with how we really want to live. They will give millions of people worldwide the ability to truly design their future.

A world of passionate Founders.

Most importantly - they will fill the world with people who are ridiculously passionate about what they wake up in the morning to do.

Our mission is to empower Founders like you.
Our mission is to help build Startups like yours.

We are Startups.com and this is what we do.

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